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Customer Service Company Employment Opportunities

St. Louis Telemarketing Employment Opportunities & Jobs

The Pisa Group is a customer service company based out of St. Louis, Missouri. As one of the nation’s leading customer service companies, specializing in newspaper subscription sales, telemarketing, and customer service, we often have a number a number of part time or full time positions available. The positions that are available at our customer service company include those at one of our 6 St. Louis call centers, at our new 164 station North Texas facility in Dallas, or at our corporate headquarters in St. Louis. Each of our offices is networked together to offer employees maximum productivity and control.

Apply to Our St. Louis Customer Service Company

As a leading call center and telemarketing company, our customer service company has positions available in our outbound telemarketing and call centers and our two dedicated inbound customer service centers. To learn more about our available positions, please contact us using the form below to apply. You can also feel free to contact us by phone with additional questions.

If you prefer, you can submit your resume and contact information to our customer service company by email at employment@ThePisaGroup.com. When applying for a position, please include your:

  • Name
  • Resume
  • Mailing Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Email Address

Why Choose our Customer Service Company

When working for a customer service company, like The Pisa Group, employees find that there is an opportunity for advancement and career growth. We believe that our customer service representatives are able to be the most effective if they are given the training and encouragement needed to succeed. Therefore, we thoroughly train each representative at our customer service company in sales, retention, and the unique customer service needs of readers. Our employees have access to state of the art technology and equipment that can help them to efficiently and effectively handle their responsibilities.

The jobs available at our customer service company offer a number of benefits and incentives. With our available customer service jobs, we offer:

  • Full or Part Time Positions
  • Hourly Wages with Commissions
  • Flexible Hours
  • Opportunities for Advancement
  • Pleasant Working Environment
  • Paid Training

Qualifications for Working at The Pisa Group

Telemarketing Employment Opportunities in St. Louis

Individuals who apply to work at The Pisa Group should meet several qualifications. While skill and experience levels vary based on the specific position to which you are applying, in general, new employees can expect to receive adequate training upon beginning a career with our customer service company. Because of this, most of our customer service positions do not require previous experience.

When working at The Pisa Group, many of our customer service employees can expect their duties to include taking and processing subscribers’ calls and providing excellent customer service for areas such as service failures, payment processing, general account maintenance, upgrading service options, and retaining subscribers. Because our call centers are open 365 days per year, employees can expect flexible schedules that include some weekends, holidays, and flexibility during the week.

Qualifications we look for in new employees are similar to those that any customer service company would consider. This includes:

  • Good Speaking Skills & Written Communication Skills
  • Outgoing Personality
  • Desire to Succeed
  • Attention to Detail
  • Service Oriented Personality

To learn more about the qualifications for our customer service jobs, to find out about jobs that are currently available at our customer service company, or to apply for a job, please contact our telemarketing company and call service center.