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Retention Telemarketing Services for Newspaper Subscriptions

Retention Telemarketing Services | Newspaper Subscription Retention

At The Pisa Group, we realize that retention is important to any newspaper. Therefore, we offer a number of retention telemarketing services. We can work with you to construct a retention telemarketing program that meets your retention needs. Whether you have a problem with stop save calling, slow pays, or renewals, we can help. We have experience working with a number of newspapers with our retention telemarketing services and can use this information to help you. We will share our ideas and experience from working with other newspaper clients in order to develop the best program for you. We stand behind our retention telemarketing services and will put our retention reps up against anyone in the industry when it comes to close rate and PIA percentages.

To learn more about our retention telemarketing services, please contact our telemarketing company and call service center. We can explain our available services and help you determine a retention plan to help you achieve your goals. You can also learn about our additional outbound telemarketing services and inbound call center services.

Our Retention Telemarketing Services

The Pisa Group is committed to customer retention because we understand just how important this is to newspaper companies. Therefore, we have developed a dedicated retention call center specializing in collections, renewals, stop-savers, surveys, and other customer service related campaigns. Our retention telemarketing teams can work with you to develop a retention program that meets your needs. Through all of our retention telemarketing services, our main objective is to collect payments and continue or restart delivery.

Our available retention telemarketing services that we may use during your retention campaign include:

Newspaper Retention Telemarketing Services | Telemarketing Company
  • EZ Pay Conversions: A large part of retention is preventing customers from falling behind on payments. Therefore, we offer EZ Pay conversions as part of our retention telemarketing services. This service includes calling your current customer base and converting them to EZ Pay. We can use any of a number of techniques to convince customers to convert, and we can discuss these options with you when planning a campaign.
  • Non Pay Renewals: Our non pay renewal retention telemarketing service includes calling customers whose paper has stopped because of a balance that is past due. While many consider these prospects an un-desirable customer base, we understand that this group is neglected, but shows potential for starts. Through our retention telemarketing services we have been able to convert many clients from a non-pay base to a low cost, high paying, order generating resource. Additionally, if customers choose not to restart, we can also simply collect the balance owed to you.
  • Payment Reminder Calling: Payment reminder calling is one of the most underrated and yet over-performing areas of retention telemarketing services. We find that payment reminder calling does not simply collect payments that would have otherwise been sent in, but instead often collects payments before customers go into the grace period. Therefore, this can often retain customers who may have otherwise let a subscription go past due or cancelled a subscription.
  • PIA Only Former Calling: This is one of the most common retention telemarketing services used by newspapers. This approach is typically able to produce a good volume of orders and it produces orders that are 100% paid. With our paid former calling, we can deliver a paid percentage that is at the top for the industry.

To learn more about any of these retention telemarketing services and to find out how they can help you reach your retention goals and objectives, please contact us today.