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Outbound Telemarketing and Sales Services

Outbound Telemarketing Services for Newspapers

As a leading sales and telemarketing company, The Pisa Group offers a number of outbound telemarketing services. These outbound telemarketing services are designed to help our clients increase sales and improve retention of existing customers. We also offer customer service support with our outbound customer service center. With our complete range of outbound telemarketing services available, we can tailor our services to meet your needs and help you achieve your goals. To learn more about our services and how we can help your business, please contact our call service center and telemarketing company.

Our Outbound Telemarketing Services

  • Acquisition and Sales Telemarketing: Our acquisition and sales telemarketing services are outbound telemarketing services that aim to obtain new acquisitions or up sell existing customers. This service includes the use of sales telemarketing, direct response marketing, up sell marketing, order fulfillment, and specialized campaigns. With our acquisition outbound telemarketing services, we can use our experience and expertise to achieve superior results.
  • Retention Telemarketing Services: Retention telemarketing recognizes the importance of maintaining a good relationship with existing customers and of retaining existing sales efforts. Our outbound retention telemarketing services can help with stop saves, slow pays, and renewals. We have a dedicated retention telemarketing team prepared to provide these services. Retention telemarketing is very different from traditional new customer acquisition. Unlike other firms that use the same reps for calling both, The Pisa Group has a dedicated team of retention specialists that do one thing... and one thing only... retention sales. That is why we will put our retention department up against any in-house or outsourced provider in the country.
  • Cold Calling: Cold calling and outbound telemarketing services can help obtain new sales and reach new business. When developing a cold calling campaign, our outbound telemarketing teams will pay special attention to developing a sales presentation that best fits your market.
  • Target Marketing and Marketing Database Development: Using a marketing database when developing an outbound telemarketing campaign will allow you to develop the most effective campaign. A marketing database allows you to distinguish the most and least attractive prospects for your business in order to most effectively and efficiently reach customers.
  • Outbound Customer Service Centers: Our outbound customer service centers not only achieve new sales, but can also offer customer service related services to improve your relationship and communications with customers. Types of outbound telemarketing services may include responding to customer inquiries, updating account info, collecting payments, offering payment reminder calling, encouraging EZ pay conversions, and conducting customer surveys.

Why Choose Our Outbound Telemarketing & Customer Service

Outbound Telemarketing Company for Newspaper Sales

Our outbound telemarketing services can supplement your in house customer service department or can replace the need for in house customer service. We offer a complete variety of acquisition, service, nurturing, and retention services in order to handle any aspect of the customer lifecycle. With our outbound telemarketing services, we can help you achieve your goals in a special campaign. We will use our experience working exclusively with sales and customer service in order to best meet your needs. To learn more about how our outbound telemarketing and customer service programs can help you, please contact The Pisa Group today. You can also learn more about our available inbound call center services online.

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