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Inbound Customer Service Centers

Customer Service Centers | Inbound Customer Service Support

The Pisa Group has a dedicated, state of the art customer service support center in North Texas. It serves both print and digital customer service support, and also boasts the newest web chat capabilities. It provides the most professional customer service support along with robust and customizable reporting.  

A customer service center handles incoming calls from both existing and potential customers. These calls can be to request new subscriptions or upgrade existing subscriptions. Calls may also be to pay bills or ask to resolve service and billing issues. Finally, customers may call intending to cancel or stop a subscription. At The Pisa Group, our inbound customer service centers can handle any of these types of calls as well as any other inbound calls. Our customer service centers are staffed by experienced representatives who have been thoroughly trained in sales, retention, and other unique customer service needs of readers.

Our inbound customer service centers can supplement your in house customer service department by offering call center support services. Many newspapers also choose to use our customer service centers as their main customer service department. It is important for companies to recognize the importance of utilizing high quality customer service centers as it can relate to customer retention and satisfaction. Additionally, many newspapers are beginning to discover the importance of coupling their outbound telemarketing approach with an inbound customer service center in order to achieve marketing, subscription, and retention goals.

At The Pisa Group, we have the ability to integrate and manage inbound campaigns either separately or blended with our outbound campaigns. Our system allows our representatives to move easily between outbound or inbound calling. With this versatility, our inbound customer service centers are able to handle overflow from inbound calls as needed or operate as inbound agents during special promotions. Additionally, some of our customers will choose to run inbound and outbound campaigns using a separate staff and facilities.

To learn more about how our inbound customer service centers can meet the needs of your newspaper for acquisition, customer service, and retention support, please feel free to contact our call service center and telemarketing company.

Our Customer Service Center Services

We offer a number of types of services at our customer service centers. These services can be related to customer acquisition and retention in order to supplement our outbound telemarketing services. We also offer a variety of customer service support services to respond to questions from existing and potential clients, to collect payments from existing clients, to resolve complaints, and to manage any other type of inbound calls. Our customer service centers can be an ideal partner to any newspaper interested in increasing subscriptions, improving retention, and enhancing their relationship with existing customers.

Some of the popular types of services our customer service centers offer include:

Inbound Customer Service Centers for Newspapers
  • Inbound call management during specialized campaigns
  • Order processing
  • Vacation Stops and Starts
  • Payment collection including processing credit cards and checks by phone
  • Resolving customer complaints and billing issues
  • Verifying new orders and updating customer information
  • Handing overflow and after hours inbound calls
  • Offering bilingual customer service
  • And much more

To learn more about the services available from our customer service call centers, please contact us today. We can work with you to develop a special campaign or program that helps you meet your goals and objectives. With our outbound telemarketing services and inbound call center services, we can help strengthen your relationship with existing customers while increasing new subscriptions and improving retention.