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The Pisa Group is a leading telemarketing company offering telemarketing services and customer service support to newspapers across the country. Our call service centers can handle both incoming and outgoing customer service calls in order to improve customer relationships, improve customer retention, and manage other customer service issues. We can also design and implement telemarketing campaigns from our call service centers with our outbound telemarketing services. To learn more about the services offered by our call service center and to determine how these services can help you reach your goals, please contact us using the form or contact information below. You can also learn more about pricing information for our call center support and telemarketing services.

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Contact our Telemarketing Company - Michael Maggio

Executive Vice President:
Mr. Michael Maggio

Contact our Telemarketing Company - Jeri Kirkbride

Senior Vice President of Administration:
Mrs. Jeri Kirkbride

Contact our Telemarketing Company - John Terry

Director of IT:
Mr. John Terry

Contact our Telemarketing Company - Iva Walker

Director of Customer Experience:
Ms. Iva Walker

Contact our Telemarketing Company - Tim Hammelman

Arnold Call Service Center

Director of Call Center Operations:
Mr. Tim Hammelman

Contact our Telemarketing Company - Brian Johnston

South County Call Service Center

Business Intelligence Director:
Mr. Brian Johnston

Contact our Telemarketing Company - Tom Hawkes

Festus Call Service Center

Call Center Manager:
Mr. Tom Hawkes

Why Newspapers Choose our Call Service Center & Telemarketing Company

Our call service centers offer the latest technology and utilize some of the latest equipment to provide superior customer service support services. All of the employees at our call service centers are highly trained and educated. We aim to offer professionalism, integrity, and performance with all of our customer service support and telemarketing services.

Newspapers continue to choose The Pisa Group call service center for customer service and telemarketing services because:

Contact a Telemarketing Company for Newspaper Sales & Customer Service
  • Our call service centers can consistently save 15% more subscribers than most outsourcing vendors, which will result in a significant reduction in necessary newspaper sales to new subscribers and acquisitions costs.
  • With our customer service support services, we understand that the little things can become large problems if not taken care of properly. Therefore, we are aware of the importance of maintaining good independent contractor relations and communications with our call service centers. Consequently, we know when it is necessary to bring issues to your attention.
  • We specialize in one call resolution customer service, which substantially reduces call escalation to clients. This can allow you to further reduce your necessary customer service staff when utilizing our customer service and call service center services.
  • We currently work with and have a thorough understanding of nearly all major circulation front-end systems.
  • All of our call service centers have server, PBX, ACD, UPS, generator back-up and call center redundancy so that you can be confident that your readers will be taken care of in virtually any emergency.

Please contact us to learn more about our call service centers or you can learn more about why you should choose The Pisa Group for newspaper sales and subscription sales here on our website. Click here to see John Pisa's Interview with Jay Nixon.