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Our telemarketing company puts an emphasis on developing accurate and fair pricing for inbound and outbound services. Prior to beginning a telemarketing campaign, we will test call your market for FREE in order to develop an accurate pricing.

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Telemarketing Company for Newspaper Subscription Sales

At The Pisa Group, we specialize in offering telemarketing services and customer service support to newspapers across the country. As a leading telemarketing company for newspapers, we have unique knowledge and experience that allows us to help newspapers reach their subscription and retention goals. Our telemarketing company is unique because we also offer customer service support for newspapers in addition to our telemarketing services. This includes both inbound and outbound customer service support from our call centers. With our complete services, our telemarketing company can help newspapers to interact with existing, new, and potential customers throughout any stage in the customer lifecycle.

To learn more about our services and to find out how our telemarketing company can help you achieve your goals for retention, sales, and customer support, please contact our call service center.

Services from Our Telemarketing Company

As one of the leading telemarketing companies that offers telemarketing services and customer service support to newspapers across the country, The Pisa Group offers a variety of both inbound and outbound customer service and telemarketing type services. These services include:

Leading Telemarketing Company for Newspaper Sales and Subscriptions

Newspaper Telemarketing Company

The Pisa Group is proud of our reputation for delivering professionalism, integrity, and performance. It is our goal as a newspaper telemarketing company to offer quality service to each of our customers at a fair price. We will not compromise the quality of our telemarketing programs or customer service programs in order to keep an account. This philosophy sets us apart from many telemarketing companies and allows us to deliver reliable and outstanding results to our customers. With our use of the latest technology and equipment, we can handle any telemarketing campaign in order to help you achieve your goals for obtaining subscriptions, improving customer service, and increasing retention rates.

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